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Friday, 11 September 2015

War On Islam, Not War On Terror

I am writing this for the 2977 persons killed on the day we should have declared war on islam and not on terror. It is in their honour we should fight this war. These people all left grieving families behind, families that will find it hard to forget the gruesome nature of their deaths. I cannot begin to imagine what the last few moments of these victims were like, but one thing I do know is that they all died because of 19 young men who believed that they would be rewarded with 72 virgins in eternal paradise.
Islam is not a religion of peace. I continue to maintain that there is no distinction between a muslim who uses the koran to justify mass murder - the so-called extremist - and those who choose to designate themselves as conservative muslims. If one has chosen to live a certain way, they cannot force others to live in that same way. They have made their choice and should allow others to make theirs. Muslims regard non muslims as infidels. And an infidel can and should be killed. They have thus become a danger to others, and when one becomes a danger to others, they have to be removed from society.
How long are we going to continue to leave our heads buried in the sand and not see what is right in front of us? Muslims do not want peace, they want us to continue to live in the dark ages. They want to keep slaves, subjugate women and end civiliszation as we know it, all for the promise of an eternity to be spent in the conjugal company of 72 nubile young women. What is in store for the women by the way? Do muslim women ever ask themselves this?
If islam wants war, then war is what we should give to them. The 'prophet' Mohammed was a belligerent marauder whose legacy is the cause of untold human suffering today. Those who died on this day, 14 years ago are a constant reminder of this legacy, along with thousands of young men and women sent into Afghanistan and Iraq to die for a war which will never be won simply because we have refused to recognize an enemy who continues to thumb their noses at us. We may be infidels, but we are not going to be given the option of dying or living like wild animals.

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