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Friday, 25 September 2015

Commercial Cyclist Brutally Rapes 11-Year-Old For Apparent Diabolical Reasons

A Nigerian commercial motorcyclist, popularly called 'okada', is currently in prison for brutally raping an 11-year-old girl who was supposed to be writing examinations at the time the crime was committed. The 54-year-old rapist was said to have assaulted the victim in his home where he lives with his pregnant wife and son (who happens to be the victim's classmate) both of whom were aware of of what he was doing. The girl suffered so much trauma she fainted from blood loss and had to be hospitalised for weeks and missed her exams as a consequence.
The police claimed that the assault had diabolical undertones, which is not surprising given that the belief that sex with very young virgins could bring wealth and success, is still rampant.
The good news is that the rapist will spend the next nine years in prison with hard labour. His wife and son acted as witnesses and claimed that the victim agreed to have sex with the rapist for the sum of 300 Naira ($1.49) in a case which lasted for nearly three months.