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Monday, 7 September 2015

Paedophilia Is Real In Nigeria

A 7 year old girl in Lagos has intimated the police about her father's habitual touching of her privates and how he also inserts his penis into her mouth. I had previously written about a pastor who defiled a 10 year old girl and blamed it on the devil, but this problem goes way beyond religion when one considers the fact that in the case of the 7-year-old above, the police refused to get involved citing it as a "family issue." The victim's elder brother had previously told their mother about how he had caught her playing with her privates, and there was also at least one occasion in which she had been seen pants down with a neighbour's 4 year old son.
The siblings of this poor girl also narrated how their father, Chukwuemeka Odunzie  who is pictured above, would send them all into the room while their mother was away or outside doing the laundry, and proceed to sexually molest their sister. The girl, in her statement to the police, said her father used to give her money after he abused her. The victim's mother had gone to the police after confronting her husband who denied their daughter's story, but was pressured by the husband's family to drop the case so it could be handled within the family after the abuser's family had obviously bribed the police. Mr Odunzie later admitted he had only sexually abused her once, and that it was not due to occultism.
Nigerians still see paedophilia and, in this case, incest, as either alien to our society, or largely done by those involved in the occult. This is simply burying our heads in the sand, because just like the police had been bribed to look the other way, a lot of these cases are treated 'in-house' and are thus grossly under reported. The Nigerian media tends to sensationalize it to sell papers or increase online readership, but it is a much more serious problem.
Project Alert in Lagos has taken up the case and promised to bring the full weight of the law on Mr Odunzie, and to rehabilitate the victim and her siblings who witnessed her abuse. This may be the last we hear of this case because Project Alert is also very likely to be compromised by the perpetrator's family.

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