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Friday, 18 September 2015

Saudi King Pays Compensation To Crane Collapse Victims

The Saudi authorities have approved the sum of SR1million (about $266000) to the families of those who lost their loved ones when a crane collapsed on the grand mosque in Mecca killing 107 persons and leaving over 200 injured. The injured will get SR500000 each. Six Nigerians were among the dead, and the Saudi government has promised that two members of each of the deceased's families will get an all expense paid hajj next year.
Religion certainly pays. Nigerian pastors are buying private jets everyday, and there is plenty of money to be made by officials of the Nigerian government who corruptly enrich themselves when, at the expense of the state, Nigerian muslims are sent to Mecca on pilgrimage.
The dead have been labelled as martyrs by the Saudi government which got me to thinking why they should be put in the same category as suicide bombers. I guess any muslim who dies in the 'service' of Allah is a martyr; it doesn't matter if it was by suicide bombing or a crane collapsing on a building.

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