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Friday, 11 September 2015

Iranian Artist May Face Additional Jail Time For Shaking Her Male Lawyer's Hand

Last June I read about Atena Farghadani, an Iranian artist who is serving  a twelve years and nine months prison sentence for the satirical cartoons she drew, depicting officials of the Iranian government as goats and monkeys, to protest plans by the Iranian government to make voluntary sterilization illegal and to greatly limit access to contraception (a policy no different than the position of the catholic church). She is now being charged with 'illegitimate sexual relationship short of adultery' and 'indecent conduct' for shaking hands with her lawyer Mohammad Moghimi, who is also being charged.
Islam certainly has a problem with women as I have written about here and here, but this is just totally unacceptable. The illiterate, misogynist mass murderer and paedophile, Mohammed, whom muslims claim to be their prophet from Allah may have lived at a time when it was acceptable to own slaves and treat women like livestock, but today, we have agreed that we can no longer live like that. Islam is evil. The politicians in the developed world may want to disagree, but this is a problem that can no longer be ignored. Malala Yousafzai was shot in the face for speaking out against the Taliban who did not want girls in school, exactly what Boko Haram wants in Nigeria.
There are so many signs today about why we should join hands in not just speaking out against Islam, but eradicating it, for starters, from the developed world. It is today one of the greatest causes of human misery.

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