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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Nigerian Army Captures Boko Haram's Drugs Supplier

The Nigerian army has continued to expose the Boko Haram terror outfit as just a bunch of thugs who use islam as an excuse to cause mayhem under the pretext of establishing an islamic theocracy in the country. An unspecified number of men, in possession of large quantities of cannabis, various illegal stimulants, and condoms destined for Boko Haram fighters, were captured in Yobe state, north-east Nigeria.
Colonel Sani Usman, the army spokesperson, in a statement confirmed that most of the captured terrorists could not recite the first chapter of the koran and some could not even read. He also said that the terrorists' bases and training camps which the army had raided had only uncovered guns, ammunitions, IED's, condoms, illegal and sexual performance enhancing drugs, but no koran or other islamic literature.
Personally, I just think that all these terrorists want is to get high, rape their kidnapped female sex slaves, and blow up people and buildings; some of the reasons why I do not hold out much hope for the Chibok girls. Just like the global war on terror, the war against Boko Haram will never be won until religion, the major cause of the insurgence, is uprooted from the Nigerian psyche. There is also the question of educating the children from the mainly muslim northern part of Nigeria, especially the males, who form the recruitment base of these ragtag insurgents.

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