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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nigerian Pastor Establishes Luxury Airline

Enoch Adeboye, whom I had previously written about, has formally started his luxury airline, Emmanuel Aviation, which originally came into being in 2009, after buying a new private jet just last May. This comes on the heels of reports that TB Joshua, whose illegal multistorey building collapsed last year killing over 100 persons, had owned a private jet since April of this year. Mr Adeboye joins another Nigerian pastor, the megalomaniac David Oyedepo who has at least four private jets and also runs a luxury airline, Dominion airlines.
Creflo Dollar who, a few months back, was begging his congregation and his far-flung audience for $60m to buy a new private jet can certainly borrow a leaf from his very successful Nigerian colleagues. Nigerian christians continue contribute to the stupendous wealth of these brazen charlatans with the hope of securing dream jobs, life partners, and all the other good things of life they have been promised. They fail to see that they are funding the luxurious lifestyles of their pastors and their families, and the scam will continue for as long as they believe the fallacy of the prosperity gospel that when they give money to God, they will get back a hundredfold that which they have "sowed."

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