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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nigerian Cleric Urges Nigerians To Pray Against Corruption

A Nigerian cleric, Yomi Kasali, based in Lagos has urged Nigerians to dedicate a day to pray for the anti-corruption drive of president Buhari. He is the founder and senior pastor of Foundation of Truth Assembly, and included muslims in his call to pray corruption out of Nigeria as part of events to mark the tenth anniversary of his church/ministry. This call to prayers is in line with the culture of Nigerians to seek divine intervention for any and all problems.
Mr Kasali, pictured above, has failed to realize that the corruption he is urging Nigerians to pray against is the mainstay of churches run by his fellow charlatans. The monies stolen by civil servants and those in government keep the churches in business, and ergo no surprise that the best seats are reserved for these thieving benefactors in churches instead of docks in the courts and rooms in jail.
Religion in Nigeria fuels corruption; there is immense pressure to tithe and give large donations and offerings to the churches and the pastors who run them - a huge incentive to pillage Nigeria's coffers. What president Buhari's anti-corruption war does not need are the direct beneficiaries of the corrupt system pretending they are happy with, or in support of the efforts to uproot a major source of income for them.