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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nigeria's President Describes Boko Haram As Godless

President Buhari

Nigeria's muslim president, Muhammad Buhari, while commenting on yesterday's suicide attack on a mosque by two suicide bombers, described the terror group as "godless". His statement read thus:

"I am dismayed by the news of a bomb attack on innocent worshipers in a mosque in Maiduguri this morning. This attack is yet another sign that Boko Haram is a mindless and godless group that in no way represents true Islam."

His description of Boko Haram as in no way representing true islam is exactly the same as the no true Scotsman fallacy. I argued in this post that the Boko Haram terrorists, whose goal is to enthrone sharia law in Nigeria are muslims. They are in fact better muslims than Nigeria's president and all other muslims who not only describe themselves as conservative or moderate, but also condemn the actions of Boko Haram as being unislamic. While these cowards hide behind the fact that they are ignoring large swathes of the koran calling for the murder of apostates and the spread of islam and sharia law by any and all means, including violence, their 'terrorist' brethren are following it to the letter.

By saying that the terrorists are "godless", I do not think president Buhari means that they are evil or wicked; I believe he is talking literally about the terror group not believing in, at least, the muslim god in whose name they carried out yesterday's attacks. Well, Boko Haram represents true islam, and it is president Buhari who should examine his own version of islam. If he believes that the koran, which he would have read in full at least once and also probably have it memorized, is the word of Allah, the muslim god, then he should have no problem with the Boko Haram attacks; after all, they are acting in accordance with the words of their god.

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