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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Former Presidential Candidate Released By Abductors After Ransom Paid

Nigeria's Olu Falae, a former presidential aspirant who was kidnapped on his birthday three days ago has finally been released following intensive negotiations between his family and those who took him hostage. The prayers of numerous sympathizers who besieged his home hours after his abduction did not secure his release, and the amount paid to his abductors will forever remain a closely guarded secret.
The dire security situation in Nigeria has simply overwhelmed the country's corrupt security agencies, and so it is hardly surprising that the people have turned to the supernatural for protection. Prayers are as effective as doing nothing to remedy the appalling security situation, and it is worse when one considers the fact that those who pray actually believe that the situation will improve. No country ensures the safety and security of its citizens by praying; they invest in, and build an efficient security outfit. We should have realized by now that our prayers are as effective as talking to ourselves. There is nobody anywhere listening to those prayers, and that is the very reason prayers always remain 'unanswered'. If we must pray, let us pray to our walls, after all they are said to have ears.

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