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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Family Seeks Divine Intervention After Nigerian Columnist Is Kidnapped

Donu Kogabra, a Nigerian columnist and broadcaster who lives in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state was kidnapped on August 30 just outside of her residence. Her family is yet to hear from the kidnappers and has decided to seek divine intervention.
While it may be inappropriate to scoff at her family's action in the face of such an agonizing ordeal, incidences such as this - the kidnapping of a well known figure - and the cluelessness of the police whose first statement shortly after she was kidnapped was to allude to being in control of the situation, call for expedited and pragmatic solutions. Four days have passed and the police are obviously no where nearer than they were when they released their initial statement. The family's decision to seek divine help is a testimony to the gross incompetence of the security apparatus of Nigeria. In the past  few weeks, a Nigerian visa has been issued to a wanted ISIS terrorist and the boko haram terrorists, despite the Nigerian army's renewed offensive, have been carrying out massacres on a daily basis.
If I could reach Miss Kogbara's family, I would suggest they do not waste their time, and resources, going after any pastor who will only give them false assurances that she would be found unharmed, which is what they would what they want to hear. They should also forget about the corruption-prone and incompetent buffoons who call themselves the police and do their utmost to contact the kidnappers and negotiate her release. I am only being practical here, I do not in anyway support negotiating with kidnappers, but the fact remains that my suggestion is in Miss Kogbara's best interest.
The police have been known to aid and abet kidnappers, and who can say that these men are not being aided by the police since they arrived Miss Kogbara's home attired in police uniforms?