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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Potential Hajj Related Air Tragedy Averted

Another hajj-related tragedy was avoided yesterday, this time in Nigeria, when the pilot of a chartered aircraft aborted a flight just before take-off after he discovered an engine problem. A crane had collapsed a few days ago and killed over a hundred persons in Saudi Arabia where the annual hajj pilgrimage is currently underway. The plane belongs to Max Air, a Nigerian charter airline owned by Dahiru Barau Mangal (a muslim naturally).
One can only begin to imagine how much Mr Mangal stands to gain from the states in northern Nigeria that sponsor pilgrims to Mecca at least twice a year - for the umrah or lesser hajj, a pilgrimage that can be undertaken at anytime during the year, and the annual hajj itself which is mandatory for every able bodied muslim who can afford it. Nigeria is sending 76000 pilgrims to Mecca this year for the annual hajj.
Most of Nigeria's 19 northern Nigerian states have failed to invest in education, but have enough resources to sponsor pilgrims on chartered flights to Mecca annually. Little wonder then that Boko Haram has made 3 of these states their stronghold.