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Friday, 7 August 2015

Science Is King

I deliberately avoided talking about the rigorous processes involved in the scientific process in my last post while talking about the reluctance of religious people to subject their beliefs to even minimal scrutiny. The well worn argument of the arrogance of most scientists, and also of science not having all the answers, especially by christians and muslims, is itself a testimony to the methods employed by science in its monumental achievements. Science landed man on the moon, went up close to a comet travelling at about 40km/s and sent a probe to Pluto, a journey so far, it took 9 years to complete.
Let us come down to earth (pun intended) and look at our achievements so far. Where do we start? Medicine, aviation, the arts, architecture, physics, computing, pharmaceuticals and even warfare, and the many other fields of human endeavour which I do not even know about. We have had, and still have, the most brilliant of minds whose life's work is to push the boundaries of what we know. They subject their findings to the most brutal and strictest of testing to ensure their reproducibility, something completely alien to religious dogma. What has religion accomplished? How has it accomplished this? I will tell you: religion (I am talking about christianity and islam) has succeeded in convincing most of humanity that there is some deity up in the sky (we did not see him on our way into space, neither have we encountered him in space) who watches over us, his lowly creatures, sees all and knows all, and demands we pay tithes and worship him in large groups every Friday and Sunday. Failure to do this will ensure an eternity in hell. Compliance will guarantee 72 houris to fulfil all your sexual fantasies which u neglected while on earth, if you are muslim, especially if you committed suicide-murder usually via a bomb vest; or an eternity in heaven with the remaining two-thirds of the angels whom Lucifer left behind during his rebellion, if you happen to be christian. Jehovah's Witnesses believe only 144000 people will go to this heaven and the rest of them will live on earth forever with their qualifying, resurrected relatives. The rest will stay dead as there is no hell!
It used to be easy to laugh off atheists and call them all sorts of derogatory names just because they dared to ask the questions others would not. Now we are being taken seriously because not only have we succeeded in exposing religion for the wicked scam that it is, the information dissemination potential at our disposal has made it possible to reach out to those who were too scared to leave their dogmatic dungeons.
Every aspect of our lives has moved forward, and continues along this path of progress, but religion has remained static, and outlived whatever purpose it was invented to serve. The only thing that changes about it is the ability to devise ingenious ways to keep us hooked to its toxic doctrines while ensuring we remain its mental and emotional slaves. The antidote to this poisonous potion of human peril is science. Science, today, does not have all the answers, but it has shown us that we have near limitless capacity to improve our world. Every new day sees us accomplish what was previously considered science fiction, and this relentless march, which inches us inexorably closer towards the answers we seek, will continue no matter what religion throws at it.