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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

God/Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The title above is a popularly used saying among Nigerians and which, to me, serves as the justification for the countless atrocities committed daily by most of those we entrust with our lives and country. There are many Nigerians who use this saying believing it is a bible verse, and it is not surprising they think this way since they hardly read their bibles. 
This saying justifies political office holders plundering our common wealth; it justifies policemen, and soldiers, detaining civilians without trial indefinitely and torturing them to confess to crimes they never committed all because they could not pay a bribe; it also justifies civil servants in positions of trust breaching this trust in the most grievous manner.
Those who steal our common wealth say that god put them in a position to better themselves, and a perfect example was former president Obasanjo's statement about the late Bola Ige, whose murder is yet to be solved, that he (Obasanjo) invited Justice Ige, to come and 'eat' (the Nigerian term for helping oneself to public funds). They're therefore only taking advantage of the opportunity that god has given to them, and they see nothing wrong in their actions, which ensure that almost nothing works in Nigeria.
These same plunderers of Nigerian oil money and resources are regular contributors to the coffers of the mega churches and the ubiquitous, relatively smaller ones that dot the landscape, and it is the rare, if any, preacher or televangelist that refuses such 'donations'. I do not believe they do not know the origins of these monies they accept without question. God, to them, is blessing and growing their ministries. They are helping themselves to ill gotten lucre from the public till, and god is helping them by bringing more treasury looters their way. Perfect.