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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Private Jet Palaver

Creflo Dollar's online begging for funds for a private jet to propagate his prosperity preaching is old news, but my attention was drawn to it by the video below seen as part of this post. It beggars belief that these preachers could be so brazen, greedy and wicked.
Those from whom he is asking for this money are mostly people who are barely able to make ends meet and are therefore easily manipulated by his prosperity gospel to give as much as possible with the hope of getting much more in return. His finances on wikipedia show him to be quite well off and I wonder how many of his thousands of followers worldwide have ever stopped to question the reason he is asking them to buy him a new jet. Like his brother prosperity preachers, who have such a hold on their following to keep them quiet and keep them giving, he has a megalomaniacal view of himself; little wonder he can just up and ask for contributions for a private jet. In the video, as is typical of his ilk, he uses the the mysteries of the supernatural to obfuscate his inordinate desire for a new jet.

He clearly has nothing to say, and I wonder why nobody in his church has dared to call him out to answer the question, of why he is in such desperate need of a private jet, without equivocation.