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Friday, 28 August 2015

Burkini Banter

I was at the swimming pool today when a muslim couple came in with their two children for a swim. I made a silent bet with myself that the woman was not going to swim, not even in a burqini (pictured above). Of course she stood beside the swimming pool, while her husband and kids gallivanted in the pool, having loads of fun. It reminded me of this and as I drove home, I wondered what the obsession was with the female body, especially in islam.
The man was happily, and hypocritically, swimming in a public pool in which there were other women in swim suits that would attract severe penalties from wherever he immigrated to the United Kingdom, and he did not seem to have a problem with that, and apparently neither did his wife. But the sin, or sacrilege here was to allow his wife to be seen by other men in the kind of swimwear other women in the pool were wearing. He was not averse to the idea of ogling other women in the swimming pool, but was so strict about his wife's body being his property and for his eyes only that he could not even allow her to have some fun. One of their kids was a girl; would he treat her like his wife when she grows older? At what age will he stop her (his daughter) from going to the swimming pool? We know that muslim girls get married off as early as age nine, would he stop her at this age from attending swimming lessons or joining her classmates on a school sponsored swimming trip?
Islam is its own worst enemy, and I really feel for so called conservative muslims who try to dissociate themselves from their radical or extremist, and terrorist fellow muslims. They even go as far as saying that those who use the koran to justify violence and murder are not muslims, but the opposite is the case; they are all muslims. The 'conservative' muslims simply choose to ignore the parts of the koran that the extremists and terrorists use to justify their atrocities.