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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Man Defiles 10-Year-Old, Blames The Devil

A 67 year old Nigerian pastor and grandfather, Felix Adebayo, was arrested in Ubiane community in Edo state, Nigeria, for defiling a 10-year-old girl. He of course blamed his vile act on the devil, something I had previously written about. He admitted that he was married and blamed the devil for leading him to insert his finger into his victim's privates.
Although the report did not state the man's denomination, it showed the level of trust placed on this despicable man by whoever it was that sent this little girl to his apartment to pick up a mobile phone. Cases of even younger girls being defiled by men are on the rise as recent reportage by the Nigerian press has shown, and most of the culprits usually blame the devil. The reasons given by most of these men include doing it as part of rituals to either make quick, big money, or to be successful in a business venture or even an armed robbery operation!
This story is another example of sick and twisted men who hide under the cloak of religion to carry out abominable acts. Nigerians need to begin to recognize that paedophilia is not a western phenomenon. It is everywhere, including in their churches, and not just the catholic church. Most pentecostals and members of other new generation churches in Nigeria see the catholics, especially, as members of a false religion. They are therefore inclined to believe that sexual abuse of children is limited to the catholic church. They are, sadly, wrong.

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