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Saturday, 22 August 2015


The abduction of 276 girls from a secondary school dormitory, in Chibok, Nigeria, one night in the middle of April 2014, after generating so much outrage, has virtually died a natural death. It took nearly 3 weeks for Nigeria's then president Jonathan to speak publicly about it, and this should have served as an indication of their fate. Nobody talks about them anymore. Abubakar Shekau, the boko haram terror group leader, in a video message released shortly after the kidnappings, claimed responsibility and boasted about selling them off. There have been rumours that some of them were used as suicide bombers, and those who were married off to some of the insurgents or kept as sex slaves were deemed lucky.
A total of 57 of these girls allegedly escaped, during the kidnapping and much later, leaving 219 girls, aged between 16 and 18, still in the clutches of these murderous marauders. Some of their heartbroken parents were said to have died, a direct result of the agony of such a devastating loss. The title of this post was made popular on twitter and spread by celebrities and powerful political figures. Some countries promised their resources, manpower, technology, and finance, to help in getting back the girls, and Nigerian female activists held several rallies and peaceful demonstrations to keep the girls' abduction in the minds of Nigeria's leaders, all to no avail.
The girls have not been found and, sadly, they may never be as each passing day dims any hope of finding them. Nigeria has forgotten them. All the hype has all been for nothing. The same way these very unfortunate group of girls have been relegated to history's dustbin, is the same way Zeus, Thor and thousands of other gods have been thrown into this same rubbish bin. One day, the christian god, Jesus, Allah and Mohammed will all be part of the rubbish heap of deities.