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Sunday, 23 August 2015


I am beginning to feel I am riding with the wrong group, since I could be making money dishing out prophecies in my very own church. My last post was about the viral hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, but today, it has become #BringBackOurMoney. While I was writing about the Chibok girls, some Nigerians in Lagos were holding a rally in support of President Buhari's anti-corruption war, and pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, a well known televangelist, was among those recommended for probe and prosecution. He is the current president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, which no longer includes the catholic church since January 2013, due to the way the association was being run under Oristejafor, who had dragged CAN into partisan politics.
Oristjafor's closeness to the Jonathan administration, currently under probe by President Buhari, was the subject of numerous controversies including his private jet, which was allegedly a gift from his congregants (but we all know Jonathan bought him that jet, or that he was able to afford it due to his closeness to Jonathan) being used to transport over $9.3m in cash to South Africa, under the pretext of buying arms. The plane was grounded and the money seized by the South African government, before Jonathan personally intervened.
It became obvious that electing Oritsejafor as the president of CAN would help most of the other pentecostal pastors achieve their aim of making money off the government since he, and then President Goodluck Jonathan were both from the same South-South geopolitical zone. This 'savvy' decision paid off as Oritsejafor soon owned a private jet, and many other pastors were also rewarded with the lucre of being close to the corridors of power. Of course their new found financial situations would be attributed to their god, but discerning Nigerians knew better.
The demonstrators in Lagos have spoken, and while we wait with bated breath to see if  President Buhari would indeed investigate Oristejafor, which I doubt very much, it should be becoming increasingly clear to Nigerians that the only thing these so called men, and women, of god want is money. And they will do anything, and go to any lengths, even sell their soul to the devil, if there was one, to achieve it. Just like Oritsejafor has bastardized and divided CAN to achieve his own ends.
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