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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Morning Water

Mr TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, who should be facing negligent homicide charges, was brought to my attention today by a friend whose mother came from Mr Joshua's church armed with packaged bottles of water which she bought from the church. The water in the bottle of no more than 50ml in capacity has been described thus by Joshua himself:
“By using the Morning Water, you are symbolically setting yourself apart for Jesus Christ’s special attention as you pray in faith. I mean, you are positioned for mercy, favour, healing, deliverance, blessing, prosperity and fruitfulness. It is not the Morning Water that heals the sick but Jesus Christ Himself. There must be faith both in the person praying and in the person being prayed for. Prayer must proceed from and be accompanied with a lively faith. It is this that brings about the healing, not the Morning Water.”
Mr Joshua sent 4000 bottles of the holy water he claimed would cure ebola, cancer and HIV/AIDS, to Sierra Leone during the West African ebola virus outbreak of last year.
If the morning water did not do the healing, why sell it? What exactly is its function then? This cruel charlatan does not care about the harm he is doing to people like my friend's mother, who is hypertensive, and who no longer takes her drugs because Mr Joshua has 'healed' her, and also sold her his morning water. People like him are only interested in the money they make from their merchandize which also includes handkerchiefs and 'holy anointing oils'.
People will continue to believe them, and to worsen their health conditions, and even die, as long as these snake oil peddlers are allowed to continue to deceive millions. The silver lining in this dark cloud of unconscionable greed is that we are talking, and people are listening. I look forward to the day when people like Mr Joshua will be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes against humanity.