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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Like Robertson, Like Oyakhilome, Like Bullshit

The above video shows Nigeria's very own Benny Hinn copycat, Chris Oyakhilome, dishing out miracles to live viewers of his healing/miracle broadcast. I was reminded of him after reading this, in which Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, who does the same, claimed that god tells him those of his viewers whom he (Robertson) needs to heal. Mr Oyakhilome, from Edo state of Nigeria, has had his share of scandals, the latest being the messy divorce from his wife. It was stunts like this that prompted the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, to ban him and others from performing miracles which were not "provable and believable," ended miracle broadcasts on Nigerian television and created tons of controversy.
Preachers like Oyakhilome hoodwink gullible Nigerians with their magic shows all geared towards attracting and keeping tithing and 'seed-sowing' members. There is no other purpose to pentecostalism in Nigeria, and practitioners will go to any lengths, using fear and guilt to get their congregants hooked on their shenanigans.
All that Robertson, Oyakhilome, and their brethren peddle is bullshit. No one should buy into their prosperity messages; they are the only ones prospering from the tithes, offerings and 'seed monies' being given to their churches in the name of their god.