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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Zimbabwe Pastor Sells Exam Success Pens

A Zimbabwean pastor, who goes by the appellation Prophet Sham Hungwe, of House of Grace International Church has promised his congregation examination success if they  have faith and write with his "anointed" pens. Of course the pens are not free; they cost about 15 cents each, but his congregants pay as much as $20, because the 'prophet' has led them to believe that the more they pay, which is also a measure of their faith in the magic pens, the greater their success in the said examinations.
With the A-levels and O-levels exams around the corner, Mr Hungwe should be making a killing. I only wonder what he will tell those who will fail their exams because they put all their faith in some magic pen instead of studying hard. Nigeria's very own Prophet TB Joshua has his 'morning water' which he claims could cure ebola and even sent 4000 bottle to Sierra Leone during the ebola outbreak in that country last year.
Mr Hungwe's first name, Sham, should tell his congregants all they need to know about him. Zimbabwe is a desperately poor, landlocked country; imagine people parting with what would be a colossal amount of money for a pen that will purportedly grant exam success. Neighbouring Zambia, another very poor country in dire economic straits, was in the news recently when, none other than its president, Edgar Lungu, declared a public holiday and asked his fellow citizens to pray for forgiveness and reconciliation.
Africa is in the chokehold of religion, and the only people benefitting are the clerics who enrich themselves at the expense of not just the people, but the whole of Africa itself. Religion and its siamese twin, corruption, which continue to fritter away Africa's vast human and natural resources will be the death of Africa. I am afraid that it may be too late to act as all signs of life may have already left Africa's grossly malnourished body. I hope these vultures will leave us with a body to bury, or hopefully, by some miracle, resurrect, and nurture back to good health.

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