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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Journalists Threatened In Nigeria For Reporting The Rape Of Secondary School Boys

Two days ago, this report about an invasion of a secondary school in Kano state, Nigeria, by "mysterious persons" who proceeded to rape some of the students must have ruffled more than a few feathers, because just yesterday, a journalist was asked to desist from investigating the incident by three men who claimed to be from the police.
Assaults on some students of Hassan Gwarzo Boys College have reportedly been going on for quite a long while, but the school authorities have deliberately ignored it. One of the students, whose mother has vowed to pursue justice for her son, who was so brutally assaulted he could not walk without crying, was refused treatment at the hospital by medical personnel who insisted the police be called to see the extent of his injuries.
The school premises is reportedly heavily guarded, I wonder why it has not occurred to the police that the rapists may be older students or even staff, including those providing the security that was allegedly breached.
The rapists may have tired of staring at other men's arses during prayers, and, at the risk of being labelled homosexuals and stoned to death, in accordance with sharia laws which have been adopted by Kano state, resorted to paedophilia.

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