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Friday, 23 October 2015

Muslim Cleric Says It Is Dangerous To Marry Just One Wife

The  absurd buffoonery exhibited by muslim clerics, going by what I have seen and heard, is overwhelmingly incredible. I had previously written here about a muslim cleric describing the breasts and sexual desirability of the virgins in paradise, and also about another who said that men who masturbated would meet their pregnant hands in the afterlife (and what surprise awaits women who masturbated?). This time, a Nigerian muslim scholar and preacher, Shiekh Muyideen Bello, stated that it is dangerous for a muslim man to marry just one wife. Mr Bello advocated starting with two wives, a directive from Allah!
Islam is particularly notorious for its malignant misogyny, and it does not come as a surprise that this buffoon is only being true to type. Women are, of course, forbidden to get married to more than one man, and I have often asked what is in store for women who die as martyrs since men are rewarded with 72 virgins.
I recently watched a video on BBC iplayer about islam and homosexuality. Mawaan Rizwan, a gay British-Pakistani muslim, visits his country of birth (Pakistan) where he meets a "respected" muslim cleric who says he could cure Mr Rizwan of his homosexuality. From the 35:18 mark in the video, Mr Rizwan, tongue-in-cheek, sits through the 'consultation' during which the cleric takes his pulse, and from this pulse alone, 'diagnoses' Mr Rizwan's liver as being heated causing his semen to become watery. This heat causes the semen to "come out deliberately as well as by accident," and was being wasted because it mixes with the urine. I am unable to fathom how Mr Rizwan could sit throught the whole consultation without bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter, just like this woman. The cleric went on to prescribe a course of treatment and dispensed some powdered substance to his 'patient'.
It is very unfortunate as well as deeply disturbing that such men, as outlined above, have millions of followers all over the world who hang on to their every word. In 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini declared a fatwa on Mr Rushdie which resulted in many deaths and injuries from riots, burning of bookstores and attacks on those who had the job of translating Mr Rushdie's controversial novel, The Satanic Verses. Britain consequently broke off diplomatic ties with Iran. Such is the power of these clearly dangerous men.

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