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Monday, 26 October 2015

Pakistani Christian Headmaster Brutally Beaten By Muslim Colleagues For Being Their Superior

Saddique Azam, a Pakistani catholic christian who was promoted to the position of headmaster, was brutally beaten and tortured by aggrieved muslim colleagues who have refused to work under his authority. He was appointed three months ago, was never issued a letter of appointment, and the police have ignored his plight; while the local government have been putting pressure on him to resign. The beleaguered teacher, in the first two months after his appointment, was the subject of constant verbal abuse, derision and harassment by his muslim colleagues in a bid to get him to resign, citing his faith as the reason he cannot be headmaster.
I have always emphasized that islam is evil; not that other religions are good, but islam is especially egregious; and just because this hardworking teacher is not a muslim, he has become a second class citizen in his own country. These muslim Pakistani teachers, in their unfounded sense of entitlement, believe that Mr Azam, as an infidel, or "choora," the derogatory term for christians in Pakistan, cannot be their superior. Muslims believe that all non muslims will not go to paradise after they die; Mr Azam's colleagues, and those paid to protect him, have elected to give him a taste of hell while he is still alive.

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