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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Gunman Kills Five Shia Muslims In Saudi Arabia

Just yesterday, I wrote about muslims killing fellow muslims and used the oppression of the minority shias by the majority sunni muslims in Saudi Arabia as an example. Well, in my usual 'prophetic' manner (please pay no heed to this), a sunni muslim man shot and killed five shia muslims and injured nine others before he was gunned down by Saudi police. A group claiming links to Islamic State, IS, has claimed responsibility.
Saudi Arabia apparently does not care that suicide bombers, or crazed gunmen, attack their citizens as long as they are shia muslims, whom they regard as infidels anyway. It is no surprise then that Boko Haram terrorists detonate bombs in mosques. Does anyone still doubt that the koran-thumping terrorists are not muslims?

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