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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hajj Stampede Victims Will Go To Heaven Says Nigerian Pilgrim Who Escaped Death

Mr Kawuwa Damina, the speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly in Nigeria, has opened up about how he escaped death during the hajj stampede that killed at least 717 people. He said he had passed the scene of the stampede less than one hour before it happened.
Mr Damina also told newsmen after, ironically, expressing his grief over the unfortunate deaths, that all those who died during the stampede were automatically heaven bound in accordance with the tenets of their religion, since they died after visiting mount Arafat (or Arafah). This 'mountain' is a 70-metre elevation where muslims go to pray for the forgiveness of sins,  done as part of the hajj.
It is also ironic that Mr Damina is grateful to alive while telling us that the stampede victims will go to heaven. Would he not have liked to be in paradise? And why express grief for those whom he believes are now in heaven having a ball? Beats me...

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