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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Another Video Shows Suspected Boko Haram Members Being Interrogated And Threatened With Death

The video above surfaced two days ago and seems to depict some authority figure (from the Nigerian Army perhaps?) in the midst of captured suspected Boko Haram terrorists. This was after another video showing the civilian JTF in Borno state subjecting a suspected Boko Haram terrorist to brutal torture by hanging him from a tree with his hands and feet tied together behind his back.
In the video above, which has English subtitles, the interrogator can be heard asking the obviously terrified men, who had their hands tied behind their backs, how many people they had killed. He also said they would be beheaded just like their alleged victims. The identity of the interrogator or whoever released the video is yet to be ascertained, but if it is the Nigerian troops, it would not be strange since they have been associated with torture and extra-judicial execution of suspected Boko Haram members in the past, allegations which have been vehemently denied.
Nigerian Army personnel are known for their brutality to civilians at the slightest provocation, and flagrant abuses of the law, a thing Nigerians know only too well. It is therefore not beyond them to do even worse than what was depicted in the video above.

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