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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Lagos Crusade Ends Amidst Claims Of Salvation And Multiple Miracles

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry, led by pastor William F Kumuyi (above), concluded a month-long, Lagos city-wide crusade on Sunday. The crusade saw the respected preacher tour the Lagos, Nigeria's former capital, on a mission to win souls for the Lord's vineyard, and very uncharacteristically failed to collect any money in the form of offerings or contributions from the hundreds of thousands in attendance at the various venues. Apart from the nearly 40000 persons who were said to have been "converted", there were reports of diverse miracles. It is this miracle part that really interests me.
Mr Kumuyi is unlike many of Nigeria's flamboyant pastors. His humble mien sets him apart, and his ministry is known to adhere to a very strict moral code derived from the bible. His crusades, like all others, are filled with reports of 'miracles' and there have been some superfluous claims, such as a shorter limb growing to the same size as the normal one, advanced cancers simply vanishing and those who were blind regaining their sight, or quadriplegics suddenly  being able to walk. People of course believe these so called miracles, especially those who need something to hang on to. What we are never told, or think about, are those with genuine problems who come to such crusades and do not get the healing miracle they sought. They are left devastated and heart-broken, and for many, this 'failure' to secure a miracle is a death sentence because they would have come to the crusade after exhausting most, if not all, of their savings on whatever health problem that brought them to the crusade in the first place.

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