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Friday, 2 October 2015

Girls Carry Out Suicide Bomb Attacks For Boko Haram

While Nigerians were in a celebratory mood yesterday to mark the 55th anniversary of the country's independence, the Boko Haram terrorists struck. The suicide attacks were carried out by about 5 or 6 girls, at least one of whom was about 10 years old according to an eye witness.
It may be worth mentioning that the terrorists have continued to abduct women and children during their raids. The fact that they now routinely employ prepubertal girls and those in their early teens in their dastardly campaigns is a very worrying development. It is either they have resorted to using girls as suicide bombers out of desperation and a 'shortage' of willing (usually adult male) suicide bombers, or they are trying to send a message. The only message any discerning mind would get is that the disdain that islam has for women is being taken to new heights.
Terrorist organizations that base their ideals on the koran have been denounced by politicians and other (conservative) muslims as not being muslims. They are muslims, and they have been able to justify all of their actions using the koran. Denouncing them as not being muslims is simply being dishonest and mischievous.

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