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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Where Was TB Joshua?

Prophet TB Joshua, pictured above, who had been absent from the pulpit for at least six months, resurfaced with, literally, a loud bang on the 10th of January to 'predict' the terror attacks of January 14 in Indonesia's capital. Not surprisingly, the Jakarta attacks did not feature in any of the prophecies for the year 2016 by some of Nigeria's clerics which is reminiscent of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a year ago, which none of these 'prophets' foresaw.

Mr Joshua had failed to attend the first day of his murder trial on the last day of last November. He and a handful of engineers are in court to account for the deaths of at least 108 persons after an illegal multistorey guesthouse belonging to his Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed. On New Year's Day, Mr Joshua broadcasted his new year's message, live, from an undisclosed location, including his 'prophecies' for the year 2016. The last time Mr Joshua was seen in public before this was at the inauguration, on November 5 2015, of the president of Tanzania, Dr John Magufuli, whose electoral victory he had also reportedly predicted.

My very strong suspicion is that Mr Joshua sought treatment for some serious ailment, most probably cancer, hence the reluctance to disclose his location, lest some intrepid and tenacious sleuth sniffed out the real reason behind his prolonged absence. Clerics seeking treatment for their ailments are not uncommon, and examples abound of the ineffectiveness of their prayers when they themselves are ill. They are always quick to point out the miracles they have either seen, or performed themselves, but they always manage to be unable to reenact such supernatural feats on themselves.

Atheists/Secularists/Humanists should do more to show that religious clerics (especially the proponents of the christian "word of faith")  are lying when they make claims of miracles, and their failure to heal themselves and their loved ones is a very clear example of these callous and barefaced lies.

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