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Sunday, 10 January 2016

More Nigerian Clerics Coming Out With Their 'Predictions' For 2016

It seems the clergy in Nigeria are not done with predicting that which has been divinely revealed to them for the year 2016.  One of them, Emmanuel Adefowora, a senior pastor at the Trinity Living Church in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city, actually said that the year 2016 would be a tough one but that god would have mercy on his elected ones.
There are references to "the elect" in the bible (Mark 13:22 and Matt 24:24), and Mr Adefowora is telling his congregation that some of this special class of God's people can be found in Nigeria. Hopefully their identities would be revealed at the end of the year.

A few other predictions came from prophet Emmanuel Omale, pictured above, the general overseer of Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries, also in Abuja, who predicted that a popular Nollywood (the appellation for Nigeria's movie industry) actress would die either from high blood pressure, an armed robbery attack or a road traffic accident. This laughable prophecy, he added, could be avoided by fervent prayers. Nigerian roads are some of the worst in the world and anyone can obtain a driver's licence and hit the road resulting, predictably, in numerous needless deaths from road traffic accidents. In fact, 53,339 persons died on Nigeria's dilapidated roads in 2010, and if the grossly unreliable statistics from Nigerian parastatals are taken into account, then this number can be considered to be a large scale underestimation.  'Prophet' Omale also said that many of Nigeria's billionaires would be crying this year due to a decline in their fortunes. Who are Nigeria's billionaires? They include the coterie of politicians and their associates who cheat the country out of billions of dollars annually. Of course they would fall; because while I am beginning to have my doubts about president Buhari's anti corruption war, it has certainly created an atmosphere of fear, and the tendency to steal public funds or cheat the government has nosedived.

More 'general overseers' (including those who own churches with just a few hundred members), 'prophets/prophetesses', 'evangelists/lady evenagelists', and whatever title they choose for themselves, will continue to come out with predictions every year as long as we continue to listen to them. Our silence at their buffoonery is a validation of the ordure which they spout and call them prophecies. We have had enough of them insulting our collective intelligence.

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