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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Man Thought To Be Under The Influence Of The Holy Ghost Dies In Church

A 29 year old man from Edjeketa community in Delta state, Nigeria, slumped and was later confirmed dead after he was left on the floor for about 20 minutes. One of those present at the scene said that he slumped while leading a choir ministration, and, here is the bit that interested me, that they thought he had fallen "under the anointing" or the "influence of the holy ghost."
The video below shows one of Nigeria's richest prosperity preachers, Chris Oyakhilome, literally throwing the "power of the holy ghost" at his congregation causing them to fall 'under the influence' in different directions. The holy ghost is also said to have the power to make those it "comes upon powerfully" to speak in tongues (always some unintelligible gibberish).

This poor young man who lost his life in a church would probably be alive today if those around him did not believe in ghosts, in this case a holy one, and had promptly attended to him as soon as he hit the ground. His pastor, who could not miraculously bring him back to life, could only express shock at his sudden death. Who knows, perhaps he is in heaven right now lounging in his mansion on a street paved with gold.

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