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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Pastor Adeboye Has Been Spewing Pig Fart For A Very Long Time

Enoch Adeboye was among the first of Nigeria's preachers to release his prophecies for the year 2016. A reader sent me his predictions for 2007 which I have reproduced completely below.

1. "The Lord says that Nigeria will be the giant of Africa next year. During the year 2007, there is not going to be a single country throughout Africa with a population as great as ours. As long as we serve him faithfully and attend church regularly, the Lord says our children shall be as numerous as the sands on ten mountains. Crowd: "Amen!" 
2. "Some fertile married women will deliver babies in 2007, while many children currently in primary six will gain admission into secondary schools. Many of you who are brilliant final year students in higher institutions will graduate with flying colors during 2007. Most engaged couples with weddings fixed for 2007 will get married!" Crowd: "Amen!" 

  3. "Daddy says that in the year 2007 there will be a dry season and a rainy season. For Christians, the dry season in January may dry up any puddles on their streets and the rainy season in August will bring them massive showers of water from heaven. Unbelievers will experience the scorching sun during the dry season and their children will be scared by thunder and lightening during the August rains." Crowd: "Amen!"

4. "Something very bad - very very bad - is going to happen sometime in 2007. I can't tell you what it is now, but baba says we need to pray to avert this great tragedy from our nation. He says those who dodge their tithes and offerings may be the ones hardest hit by this looming maliase. Nigeria needs to be very very afraid in this next year 2007!" Crowd: "Jesus!"   "Note: You will need to attend the Holy Ghost convention every month till the end of 2007 so we can cry to God and ask him to spare Nigeria from the tragedy, which I will explain to you in 2008 after it has happened."

I believe the 'prophecies' speak for themselves. There was no "tragedy" in Nigeria in 2007 which was the year Umaru Musa Yar'Adua was elected president despite concerns about his health. He became too ill to continue his duties, fell into a coma in December 2009 and was flown to Saudi Arabia where he died in May 2010. I was still living in Nigeria in 2007, Adeboye should please tell me what tragedy he was talking about and what he told his congregation in 2008. Liar, liar, pants on fire...

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