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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Paedophilia In Nigeria: 3 Year Old Girl Narrates Her Rape By An 'Uncle'

The video below shows a 3 year old girl narrating her abuse in the hands of a man she calls "uncle." She gave her name as Nnenna, and was able to describe in graphic detail, prompted with leading questions, her ordeal in the hands of her abuser.

Her mother, who spoke at the end of the video, highlighted police corruption in delaying any investigation into the matter. She alleged (and I believe her) that the sum of 3500 Naira ($17.50) was demanded for the "arrest of the suspect", and a further 5000 Naira ($25) for his prosecution. The woman lamented her inability to raise the latter sum.

I have written about some cases of child rape in Nigeria (here, here, here, and here; after which the perpetrators usually blame the devil), and continue to maintain that it is a grossly under reported crime. The authorities, in this case, the police, is also complicit, as they usually compromise themselves by collecting money from the abusers to ensure the cases get swept under the rug. Either way, it is a case of the higher bidder getting justice; if you want to see justice done, you pay, ditto if you want to escape justice.

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