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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Stealing From God According To Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, like many multimillionaire 'pastorpreneurs' in Nigeria, publishes the daily devotional, Open Heavens, which is also available online. I woke up this morning to a link from a friend about the devotional for the 2nd of October 2015 in which Adeboye, a former Mathematics professor turned full time pastor, talks about stealing from God.

According to this dyed in the wool prosperity preacher, no one has the right to use their tithe (which he defines as ten per cent of one's income, increase, or profit) to help someone in need or in a critical condition in the hospital as this is tantamount to stealing from God! Tithes used in this way still kept one, in God's record, indebted to God. He also added this: "it is important you pay back to God 10% of everything He gives to you. It is also important you do it the way he expects it to be done. Your tithe must be brought into God’s storehouse, and God must be given a free hand to spend it as he directs." And of course Adeboye has surrounded himself with luxury, including a fleet of private jets some of which are part of a luxury airline he owns. As directed by God. Has anybody ever wondered if these pastors pay their tithes? Whom, if they do, do they pay it to? Do they pay to their churches or to other churches? Do they give it directly to God since they are also in direct communication with him? These wicked charlatans pay no taxes to the state, and neither do they pay God's taxes (tithes). And no one asks them these questions.

Another way one can steal from God was by "inappropriate use" of whatever part of one's body God has "claimed ownership of." He used overeating as an example, and I believe he would have been dying to include something about sex. So each time the average Nigerian man feasts on his wife's delicious cooking, or some teenage boy, who has spent a term at boarding school, gorges himself on his mother's cuisine, they are stealing from God. God has now taken his interest from our bedrooms to the contents of our stomachs. Epic!

Adeboye is an importunate and rapacious beggar who will go to any lengths to fund his lavish lifestyle. He has clearly told everyone who reads his devotional to ignore helping out family and friends in genuine need if it would stop them from tithing; how calculating and callous can a man be?

This seasoned con artist ended the devotion for that day with this: "in what way have you stolen from God? Repent and restitute today," in other words, "continue to give me your money"...fucking crook!

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