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Friday, 1 January 2016

Prophecies For 2016 By Nigerian Preachers Already Available

Enoch Adeboye (above) and TB Joshua (below) could not wait for the new year to properly dawn before revealing their 'prophecies' for 2016. Adeboye usually makes predictions at the beginning of every year and publishes them on his website.
TB Joshua, who is facing criminal charges in a Lagos court in south west Nigeria for his complicity in the death of 108 persons following the collapse of his illegal multi-storey guest house, is in the habit of releasing videos after significant events showing where he 'predicted' such events. His own 'prophecies' for 2016 was in the form of a broadcast on his Emmanuel TV in which he predicted that there would be large scale scarcity, and shortage of food in Africa. Mr Joshua, who has been absent from his church for at least seven months (around the same time he purchased his private jet) was said to be speaking from an undisclosed location. He also said that Africa had disappointed God and called on African leaders to invest in agriculture to avert the looming food shortages.

Adeboye's predictions for 2016 were shorter than those for last year and includes the predictions that a new sexually transmitted infection will surface, and an upsurge in natural disasters that would serve to remind governments around the world about God's judgement for "ungodly laws." He is most definitely talking about the legalization of same sex marriages in various countries and the increased acceptance of LGBT persons. He also said a major war will be averted this year. I would like to remind Adeboye that his predictions for 2015 were all generalizations which anyone with even a passing interest in world politics could arrive at. He also failed woefully in predicting a reduction in terrorist activities in 2015, a year in which Boko Haram and ISIS recorded resounding 'success'.

The predictions by these two Nigerian charlatans are simply aimed at deepening the fears they are already exploiting, to keep their congregants coming to church, and to continue shelling out money to them. Nobody predicted the double Paris terror attacks, or even one of the more than 300 mass shootings in the USA in 2015. Adeboye and Joshua either know they are lying, or they are just deluded men; and my guess is that it is the latter, meaning that these men belong in the looney bin, and not the pulpit.

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