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Monday, 25 January 2016

Fugitive Cleric In The UK Sells Olive Oil As Cancer Cure

The "Archbishop of Peckham" Gilbert Deya, 63, who is pictured above, is selling olive oil bought for £1.99 for £5, after 'blessing' them, claiming they cure cancer and AIDS. Mr Deya is wanted in his home country of Kenya for stealing and selling babies to couples from the UK as miracle babies.
According to this report after a thorough investigation by reporters from the Sun, Mr Deya also asked members of his congregation to call him first in the event of an emergency, and not the ambulance since the emergency could be a "spiritual problem."

The Sun reporters posed as a childless couple, a husband and his cancer stricken wife, and were treated to miracles on stage, claims that the oil had been used to heal "thousands" in the church, and that cooking with it would cure the wife's cancer. The olive oil also came with a leaflet, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, which had a long list of its uses. The oil was purchased from discount supermarket chain Aldi and reminds one of the morning water being sold by Nigeria's own TB Joshua.

Mr Deya was arrested in 2006 for selling babies he stole from slums in Kenya to childless UK couples and has been fighting his extradition since then on human rights grounds. Nigeria is also infamous for its so called baby factories which are usually disguised as maternity homes, orphanages, and even prayer houses, where economically dependent pregnant teenagers are detained and their babies sold to childless couples after they are born. These young girls are usually given a measly sum for their 'services' and can be so easily exploited because they had nowhere else to go after they discovered they were pregnant. Many are too scared of the reactions of their families, or to have an abortion (which is illegal in Nigeria), and are therefore easy pickings for these child traffickers.

A short video accompanying the report also showed one of Mr Deya's lackeys, a pastor Kamara, who boasted that he had helped a woman conceive and give birth to four children, each born six months apart! This obvious medical impossibility is another bold showing of their child trafficking racket. He also promised the Sun investigators 'couple' a child for a donation or "sacrifice" of £700.

The fact that Mr Deya is still in the UK and battling extradition for such egregious crimes is a testimony to the power of religion. This is reminiscent of the way the governments of the UK, the USA, and some of their allies deny the role of islam in breeding terrorists in the middle east and elsewhere, even in their own backyards. They can deny it all they want; the truth is the truth, even if they do not want to believe it.

Kudos to Ese C for the link.

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