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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Rapture Through 'Adeboye's' Eyes

My last post was about Enoch Adeboye, the influential general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, in Nigeria, and earlier today, some of my contacts sent me the message below, about the rapture, purportedly from pastor Adeboye. It was a broadcast message they all received from one or more of their own contacts, and I have reproduced it exactly as I received it.

‎Rapture Alert:By Papa Adeboye
D end is HERE
I saw it again. This time more scary. The end-time is more than nigh. It will happen like a flash unexpected and time shall be no more for repentance.In my dream, it was as if God shut his ears.I saw multitude of people running into a church. But inside that church, screaming and shouting everywhere; people making utterances to heaven.Behold it was as if a strange spirit entered into some people more clearly, I remember seeing an old man who was beside me whom the said spirit entered into and as he let out a cry, he disappeared and few other people.At that point, I realised that the rapture has taken place.I cried the more.Immediately, the devil took over and started making mockery of the left over Christians.He had a register of everyone's name...At this point, I woke up.The end is more than near.What breaks my heart the most is that many people in the church will not make it if Jesus comes now?Many are unaware that the end is near.Don't tell me that it's advancement in technology or development.If any area of your life is not in sync with God's word - Repent and be converted.If you miss heaven you can never miss hell...think about it.Hell is not a pretty place, the worst part is that it is for eternity...Don't keep this message and don't get annoyed when u receive this just do the whole world a favour and keep broadcasting 📣📣the Lord Jesus coming, u might save a lost soul.Please rather than post and forward senseless messages. Send to everyone you know. Do the work of an evangelist📢📣📣📣📢PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH ALL YOUR CONTACTS.Have you ever wondered what would have happened if we treat the Holy Bible the way we treat our mobile phone?And we really can't live without it.Only 7% will re-send this message. Don't be among the 93% who will not share the message. Satan said "I wonder how humans claim to Love God and disobey Him, and claim that they hate me yet they obey me'' (sic).

While I do not believe that this message actually originated from Mr Adeboye's phone, it will not be beyond him. He once talked about a 'miracle' he experienced while his church was in its infancy. His car had run out of petrol at night on a lonely stretch of road, and after he said a little prayer, he was able to start the car and drive home, but the car stopped again as soon as he got home. Nigerian pastors, and indeed other pentecostal prosperity preachers around the world, inundate us with claims of 'miracles' some of which they conveniently experience alone.
Most christians believe in a rapture, which would be followed by the great tribulation, and eventually judgement. There have been many predictions of the last day over the last century, and they have all, of course, been false alarms. Religion uses fear to get and to keep adherents; christianity uses the fear of hell, while islam uses the same, and in today's world, terrorism, our own version of the inquisition.
I know Mr Adeboye and his perfidious ilk believe in the rapture, and many of them probably expect it to happen in their lifetime. I have this to say to them: there will be no rapture; not now, not ever.

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