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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nigerian Man Claims Indian Man Stole His Privates

A bizzarre incident occurred a few days ago in Navy town, Lagos, when a commercial motorcycle (popularly called okada) operator accused his passenger, an Indian man, of making away with his privates. Such incidents are not unheard of, and in the very superstitious minds of majority of Nigerians, it is very real.
Nigerians see Indians as having diabolical powers. As children, we were told the story of how India was banned from playing football (soccer to you Americans) when the Indian football team defeated an unnamed team by 100 goals to one!
In the video above, a large crowd can be seen accosting the Indian and asking him to produce the okada rider's privates. I personally heard many stories of missing  privates allegedly 'stolen' by those who wanted to make use of them in money making rituals, while I was growing up. I always wondered then why the 'victims' never pulled down their underwear to prove that their privates had indeed disappeared.
This incident reminded me of something similar which happened in Papua New Guinea, in which 4 women were tortured for allegedly being witches, and literally stealing a man's heart. Superstitious beliefs, especially in developing countries where they are usually held by the majority, are powerful enough to influence a country's laws. Where such beliefs are not in the law books, violence against those who are accused of, say, witchcraft, is largely ignored by the authorities and the perpetrators of such violence against innocent fellow human beings almost always escape justice. They are also often an excuse to abuse, bully and molest children.
I am willing to gladly offer myself to have my privates 'stolen' by anyone who believes he/she is able to do so. I promise not to have a crazed crowd set upon such a person, and  am also willing to accept any personal 'losses' all for the advancement of research into the 'mysterious' disappearance of the human genitalia.

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