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Monday, 2 November 2015

Nigerian Pastor Claims Credit For Predicting Russian Passenger Jet Crash

Nigeria's Prophet TB Joshua, of the 'Morning Water' fame has claimed credit for predicting, over a year ago, the crash or shooting down (whichever version you choose to believe) of a Russian passenger jet in Egypt. Mr Joshua usually releases videos after certain incidents which he would then claim to have predicted, including the attack on former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, in 2009, and pop icon Michael Jackson's death.

In the video above, which was released hours after the plane crash and shows footage from a service held on August 31 2014, Mr Joshua asked passenger jets to avoid certain regions. This 'prediction' came on heels of the passenger jet that was shot down in Ukraine last year.
Mr Joshua has a reputation as a faith healer, and he gets visitors to his Synagogue Church of All Nations church in Lagos from all over the world including the former presidents of Ghana (John Atta Mills) and Zambia (Frederick Chiluba) when they were in power.
Last year, a guest house under construction near his church premises, meant to accommodate the numerous 'miracle tourists' to his church, collapsed and killed over 100 persons, most of whom were miracle-seeking foreigners. He immediately released a video to support his barefaced lie about a mysterious unidentified flying object being responsible for the collapse. He never saw that one coming! Mr Joshua can continue to hoodwink and defraud his gullible followers and miracle seekers from all over the world who waste their hard earned monies supporting his elaborate scam; he is no different than those who claim to be able to communicate with the dead in order to prey on their desperate and vulnerable relatives.

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