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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Head Of Nigerian Church 'Predicts' President Buhari Will Surprise Nigerians In 2016

The Most Reverend (Dr) Samuel Abidoye, who is the spiritual head of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement in Nigeria, told Nigerians to "expect an incredibly good  performance" from president Buhari next year. He was speaking in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state, and also added that the Boko Haram terrorists would only be stopped by divine intervention.
Buhari was elected in March and sworn-in 2 months later. He just appointed the ministers who will constitute his cabinet, after five months in office, and has not given Nigerians anything to show he is serious about any "change," which was his campaign slogan, neither has his anti-corruption war kicked off. With less than 2 months to the end of the year, it can be safely assumed that president Buhari has done nothing of note, except stop the federal government from paying for pilgrims to Mecca. He has not shown any impetus towards revamping Nigeria's collapsed and collapsing infrastructures and institutions, especially education, power, security, and the economy; sectors in sore need of a total overhaul.
Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for president Buhari despite former president Jonathan's desperate attempts at influencing the elections. All that hope, and the enormous trust invested in Buhari seems to be fading away, and fast. Many Nigerians have already adpoted the usual 'siddon look' (let us wait and see) attitude.
Nigerians need a president who can prepare them for the future. As a teenager, we were told this story about how Nigerians would rapidly fill ships and large passenger jets bound for the United States and the developed countries of Europe if they were told that on arrival, they would immediately be marched off to prison for 10-year sentences, after which they would become full citizens of the country. As sad as it is to say this, that story is still valid today, and it is up to Mr Buhari who has, at least, until May 2019 to see if he can lay the foundations for Nigeria to begin to live up to her potentials.

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