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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Boko Haram Describes Victims Of Its Latest Suicide Attacks As Filth

Boko Haram has been unrelenting in its suicide campaigns, carrying out no less than five attacks, and killing at least 50 persons in the last two weeks in northern Nigeria. Yesterday, a suicide bomber detonated explosives killing 22 persons of the shi'a extraction during a procession in a village near Nigeria's northern city of Kano. Claiming  responsibility for the attack, the muslim terror group described the victims as "ploytheists" and promised to "clean the earth of their filth."
While this may be fodder for the so called conservative muslims and other apologists who claim that terror organizations such as Boko Haram are not adherents of islam, it only highlights the discrimination that is going on in Saudi Arabia, the seat of islam and a majority sunni islam nation, where shi'as are heavily discriminated against. Boko Haram, in claiming responsibility for this latest attack has only buttressed the fact that they are indeed muslims. End of story. Let the 'conservatives' and their friends say what they like. The head-in-their-arses governments that are busy bombing ISIS targets should also take note. The problem is islam, not "terrorists."

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