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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nigerian Actress Says To Stay Off Sex Or Go To Hell

A Nigerian actress, Blessing Effiom Egbe (above), has reportedly told her colleagues, some of whom she deemed to be promiscuous, that they either stay off sex or go to hell. She did this via a Blackberry messenger broadcast message sent to all of her contacts which read:

"In church today and guess what is being preached. A topic most preachers run away from in order not to offend their congregations: adultery and fornication! Sex outside of marriage is sin. Ladies, stop provocative dressing, men are attracted to what they see. For fornicators and adulterers will be judged" (sic).

Ms Egbe has been a vocal critic of the alleged promiscuity and sex for roles rumours rampant in Nollywood, Nigeria's movie industry. She constantly tweets about the 'sins' of those she brands "talentless actresses" and accuses producers and movie financiers of collecting bribes to feature mediocre talents in their movies, sometimes in lead roles. This was her response to an interviewer's question about her being a virgin before she got married: "I wasn’t a virgin but later I came to know the truth. And when I did, I stayed off sex before marriage and after." She then added this:

"Then I was a born-again Christian by proxy. You know family values and all of that, but when I had the personal encounter, it changed everything. If judgment had come when I was an adulterer, I would have been on the dark side. I am not forcing anyone. It is the truth that must be told"

For such an avid advocate of no sex before marriage, she sure struggles with the meanings of the words 'adultery' and 'fornication'. She confessed to being an adulterer while she was "born again by proxy" (whatever that means); and as a former adulteress, this means she was sleeping with other women's husbands. According to her, she has stayed off sex, from after she "came to know the truth," and even after she got married. This woman is now implying that she does not sleep with her husband. Maybe she expects her husband to go and get sex outside of their marriage, the same way she provided, in her own words, sexual gratification for other married men before she got hitched. Makes perfect sense to continue the cycle. Were all three kids of her marriage immaculately conceived?

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