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Friday, 12 February 2016

Son Of Former Magician Accuses Pastors Joshua And Oyakhilome Of Using Witchcraft To Perform Miracles

Joshua and Oyakhilome

The general overseer of Fingers of God Church, Alagbado, in Lagos, Nigeria, Bishop Kayode Peller, has accused prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, and pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World Incorporated, of using demonic powers to perform miracles. Mr Peller is the son of Professor Peller, arguably Nigeria's most popular and most successful illusionist and magician. Mr Peller himself took after his father before he became a clergyman.

Mr Peller claimed that Messrs Joshua and Oyakhilome used "telepathizing, hypnotism, occultism, and kabbalah" to hypnotize and and mesmerize their congregation, and also to perform miracles. He claimed to be a believer in the latter's miracles until he became associated with Mr Joshua whom many, including pentecostal pastors, believe is not a 'true man of God'.

The younger Peller, a self confessed drug addict, of all people should know that his father, whose footsteps he followed before becoming a 'bishop' had no 'magic' powers. It was all illusions, sleight of hand and tricks. There was nothing supernatural about what the late Professor Peller did when he held audiences, including presidents and royalty, spell bound with his performances. Imagine the magical duo of Penn and Teller suddenly becoming preachers and claiming they were using the power of the devil during their magic days. They have repeatedly told their millions of fans all over the world that their art was perfected over decades of hard work and practice. They have never claimed to have any supernatural powers.

Mr Peller should remember that while he was a magician, he had no magical powers, and that to imply that he did in order to validate and lend credence to his present occupation as a pastor is a lie, and a discredit to his former profession and all professional magicians. Let him also be under no illusion that his new job is the real thing. It is as real as the supernatural, or "demonic" powers he claimed to possess as a magician.

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