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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Nigerian Churches Will Have A Field Day Today

I can imagine how sermons in most Nigerian churches will play out today. Many will preach about love, others will celebrate 'christian love' or Christ's undying love (remember he died because he loved us) as opposed to secular or "worldly" love, while many others will spend a lot of time condemning and really bashing all the sex and expressions of lustful desires that will take place today in the name of love.

Every single church in Nigeria strongly condemns all forms of sexual activity, except within the confines of marriage. Even within this 'holy' union, the interference of the church is still strongly felt as many churches have refused to allow the married couple (and marriage must be between a man and a woman) to enjoy sex. They have introduced rules about what can and cannot be done by married couples in the privacy and sanctity of their matrimonial bed. Many pastors have condemned oral sex, and others others have spoken out vehemently about sexual positions, recommending, nay, decreeing, that the man must always be on top with the woman facing him as the only position approved by the christian god. Anal sex is of course an abomination and should never even enter one's thoughts.

Fear and guilt are very effective means of control. They are used in varying degrees by dictators, sexual predators, bullies, terrorists, and of course religion, which uses both to maximum effect. Sex is enjoyed by the majority of humans, and it is utterly callous that something that is a part and parcel of our nature as human beings should be exploited for pecuniary gains (I have always maintained that churches exist to make money). I am of course talking about sex between at least 2 persons who are of the legal age, and are able to give such consent, and not prostitution or the sexual exploitation of children for money.

Those who drew up the blue prints for christianity must have really felt insecure or were so obsessed with the sex lives of others that they were not totally satisfied with eternal damnation in hell as the only deterrent to humanity's tendency to sin. They took a perfectly normal behaviour and desire, and made it into something dirty and sinful, an act that could land one in that same hell fire. For those whom they allowed to have sex (remember, only a man and a woman who were married) they could not even keep their lecherous noses out of their sex lives.

There may be no ceremonies to celebrate virginity by donning a purity ring in Nigeria like is the practice in the USA, but virginity is still held at a premium and sex before marriage is frowned upon, although it is all a lot of noise as many couples have sex before hitting the altar, and many women are pregnant on their wedding day. It is not my place to tell anyone what to do with their sex lives because it is private, something christianity has refused to leave that way. But I think it will be appropriate to state here that no one should ever feel guilty of giving in to, and enjoying, a natural and normal desire within the confines of what they and their chosen and consenting partner(s) are comfortable with, within the confines of extant laws. Neither should they feel any guilt when they also enjoy a spot of solo action, if you know what I mean...

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