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Friday, 26 February 2016

Nigeria's Supreme Court Upholds Killer Preacher's Death Penalty

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has upheld the death penalty given to Mr Chukwuemeka Kingley Ezeugo aka Rev Dr King for the murder of one of his domestic staff. His appeal was dismissed for lack of merit. Mr Ezeugo was sentenced to death in January 2007 after he doused seven young women with petrol and set them ablaze. One of the women died in hospital, and he was charged with one count of murder, and six counts of attempted murder.

There are several cults like the Christian Praying Assembly (surprisingly still active) which Mr Ezeugo heads, spread across Nigeria, such as the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star founded in 1956 in Calabar and headed by Olumba Olumba Obu. Mr Obu was born in 1918, and handed over the reigns of his 'church' to his son just before the turn of the century. He was rumoured to have died at least a dozen years ago, but this is still being vehemently repudiated by the congregation who believe that he is the (christian) holy spirit, and therefore immortal. His son also goes by the same name and currently heads the cult.

There is also God's Grace Ministries (GGM) headed by Jesus' Holiness, Saint Daniel Dikeji Miyerijesu, the Demon Destroyer aka Osu (Leader), and by the Divine Grace of God, the Bishop of the whole world. Mr Miyerijesu also calls himself the Apple of God's Eye, and claims he was personally ordained a bishop by Jesus Christ himself. He used to be an Anglican priest, and members of his congregation are fiercely loyal to him.

I can still clearly remember a crusade Mr Ezeugo organized in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state about 10 years ago. The publicity flyers stated that he was storming the city to root out all blood related diseases. I do not know anyone who attended, but I am certain that the venue must have been jam-packed with miracle seekers. This is certainly the end of the road for Mr Ezeugo; he will not be praying his way out of this one.

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