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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Convicted Muslim Paedophile Fighting To Keep British Citizenship

Shamir Ahmed

Shamir Ahmed, 63, nicknamed 'daddy' is currently serving 22 years in gaol for lacing the drinks of girls as young as 13 with drugs, having sex with them, and passing them around to members of his group. He was the leader of a Rochdale sex grooming gang made up of Asian men, and is now fighting the British government's attempt to strip him of his British citizenship. He was sentenced in 2012.

The decision by Home Secretary, Mrs Theresa May, to strip Mr Ahmed of his British citizenship is based on the fact that being British comes with responsibilities, and the latter, who also holds a Pakistani passport, by virtue of his despicable crimes, has lost that privilege. He came to the UK when he was 14.

Mr Ahmed has alleged that his trial was tainted and a miscarriage of justice. He also described it as being institutionally racist and designed to scapegoat muslims. He complained that his conviction was by 11 white jurors, and that everything is blamed on muslims these days. Well Mr Ahmed, you live in Britain, and it is still a majority white country. There is always a high chance of finding that white jurors will be in the majority in any court case. And playing the 'victim' and 'persecuted muslim' card? You had sex with children, something not alien to your religion, but still abhorred in the UK and in all of the civilized world. You spiked their drinks and raped them; something that would still be criminal even if your victim was an adult. The presiding judge in your case described you as a "violent hypocritical bully", and you are proving him right by not acknowledging your crimes and showing remorse for them. How ungrateful can you be to a country that you have called home for nearly five decades?

I recently wrote about 12 men who had been convicted in Bradford, UK, for their grooming and repeated abuse of a 13 year old British girl. Although the nationality of the girls Mr Ahmed so callously abused was not stated, I am guessing they are also white British girls, as they are a 'favourite' of Pakistani sex grooming gangs in the UK. Mr Ahmed wants to keep the passport, and the concomitant privileges, of a country whose young girls he believes are only good enough to be drugged, raped, and passed around to his friends to be raped some more. In his country of Pakistan, it is legal to marry girls and of course have sex with them without the need to drug them first. That is the future of girls in his country, so it would actually be close to impossible for this swine to want any better for girls anywhere else. He is divorced with four children, and I wonder how he would feel if it were his daughter, if he has any, that was being passed around to satisfy the cruel lusts of men old enough to be their grandfathers.

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