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Monday, 15 February 2016

Nigerian Pastor 'Resurrects' Dead Child

Chris Okafor

Pastor Chris Okafor, 45, the founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle ministry (also called Liberation City) has further exposed the gullibility and ignorance of the Nigerian christian when it comes to claims of miracles. One week ago, I heard that he had raised a child from the dead, but I did not write about it as I could find no video. I knew of course that it was a lie, but I needed to prove it was, and the video below in which he puts up a show for his congregation two Sundays ago was all the proof I needed.

From around the 1:30 mark, he carries the 'dead' child to the altar where he lays her down, and she can be clearly seen, as the camera zooms in, to be breathing, and that her eyes are wide open. He then pours 'holy water' on her and she of course reacts to water being splashed on her face to a tumultuous applause from the congregation. The only extraordinary thing that happened was that the thousands gathered there that Sunday morning were too blinded by their utterly absurd christian beliefs to even notice that the child was alive. What is wrong with these people? The story was that the parents of the child who fell ill rushed her to the church instead of a hospital, and this is actually a very normal occurrence in Nigeria. It was reported that the child died just before they got to church, and she was promptly handed over to the pastor who resurrected her.

Mr Okafor, also known as 'the oracle' is separated from his wife, with whom he has four children, amid allegations, from her, of physical abuse. His miracle is no different from this one I wrote about where another Nigerian pastor purportedly grew a shortened limb. It is extremely saddening that these charlatans and fraudsters are allowed to get away with so much flimflam. Those who speak out against them are shouted down and warned not to invite the wrath of the christian god for speaking out against a 'man of God'. Well, I will continue to expose their deceit and villainy and wait for the wrath of God. For now, God is certainly feeling mine.

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