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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Richard Dawkins As The Victim Of Political Correctness

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is a man I have come to respect since reading his seminal book, 'The God Delusion' nearly 8 years ago. I was therefore very surprised to see this link, sent to me by a friend. The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism, NECSS, withdrew Professor Dawkins' invitation to its 2016 annual conference because of his "approving re-tweet" of the video below.

The NECSS responded quite rapidly in distancing itself from Richard Dawkins. Did they even bother to contact him to explain his retweeting of that video? Was he allowed to explain himself, or perhaps apologize if the NECSS were able to show him he was wrong or had indeed done anything wrong? Mohammed slept with at least one girl aged below 10, that makes him a paedophile, and he is today revered by over 1.5 billion persons, many of whom will kill anyone who draws this paedophile or says anything untoward about him. Mohammed also approved the rape of women and never acknowledged it as such. In his book, a woman cannot be raped (those who claim to have been, will have to produce four male witnesses) and having sex with girls the moment they begin their period (many girls start as young as 8) is permissible. There have been worse videos made and endorsed by atheists online, and the NECSS is only dissociating itself from Professor Dawkins in order to be seen as politically correct.

Whoever made that video obviously wanted to spite muslims, and he or she clearly succeeded if Prof Dawkins could like the video enough to retweet it. The 'offending' part of the video that engendered the swift action of the NECSS is most probably at the end where the 'islamist' asked for permission to rape the 'feminist', and she responded by saying "don't be silly, it's not rape when a muslim does it." Sadly, she was mostly correct. In the last few months, there have been a rash of violent violations and rape of women by muslim immigrants, from Africa and Syria, in the countries that have accepted them so generously and with open arms.

Just a few days ago, the British press was agog with the news of long gaol sentences handed down to a dozen men of Pakistani descent who groomed and and repeatedly gang-raped and abused a 13 year old white British girl. This is not the first time a group of Asian (muslim) men have been convicted for the grooming and raping of white British girls. Members of these criminals' community actually said that it took two to tango since the horrendously abused girl "played her part" in her abuse. This should give an insight into the mentality of those who carry out, and continue to carry out, the deliberate and systematic grooming and raping of white British girls. It was also reported, on that same day, that another Pakistani man had fled to his home country midway through his trial for raping a child in Manchester. The judge gave him permission to attend an uncle's funeral in Pakistan. How sure are we that a relative of his even died? Part of an Igbo (south east Nigeria) proverb says that "...things always go missing when a particular person is around, yet this person denies being a thief..."

The rape of women is explicitly endorsed in both the bible and the koran. It is a crime that is committed by people from all walks of life. But when the holy books of two of the world's major religions approve of rape, and muslims, especially, continue to marry and have sex with girls, and there is not enough political correctness to condemn it, then something is terribly wrong with our world.

Kudos to Ese C for the link.